Chemical Dependency Rehab: Taking the First Step

Chemical Dependency Rehab: Taking the First Step

By Lakeview Health
Lakeview Health
Published: August 17, 2016

Knowing that you’re struggling with a chemical dependency can be a difficult thing to process. However, it’s an integral part of your recovery journey. Working through the first steps can help you find the right chemical dependency rehab you need to enjoy a life of sobriety. It’s wise to walk through the first few steps of the process to get familiar and know what to expect.

Admitting You Need Help

Every year in the United States, more than 100,000 deaths can be attributed to the abuse of drugs and alcohol. Clearly, chemical dependency is a problem for large numbers of people. However, all too many individuals don’t want to admit that they’re dependent on any substance. That’s why the first step is simply admitting that you have a problem, and that you don’t have control over this dependency. Relying on a substance for happiness, or even the ability to function, should never be the norm for anyone. If you’re reading this, then you’ve probably already taken that integral first step toward recovery.

Looking for the Right Chemical Dependency Rehab Center

Even after coming to terms with chemical dependency, some individuals want to believe that they can recover on their own without professional help. This is both unlikely to work and is potentially life-threatening. Withdrawing from a chemical dependency can be traumatic and stressful for the body, and a reputable rehab center can minimize your discomfort. Plus, a rehab center can help patients to deal with the causes of addiction, revealing any mental health issues and providing resources for relapse prevention. When it’s time to commit to finding a chemical dependency rehab center, consider a location in sunny Florida. Sunny skies, ocean breezes and warm weather can be instrumental in getting outdoors, battling depression, and staying active. It’s also vital to work with a center offering multiple levels of care. This might include residential programs, detox facilities, outpatient programs, sober living facilities and ongoing aftercare for patients.

Making Contact and Getting Started

Choosing a rehab center is an important step to take on the journey to recovery. Once you’ve found a program that meets your unique needs, take the time to contact them personally to learn more. This can be accomplished online or over the phone, and it’s an excellent opportunity to learn the following things:

  • Will the program accept your health insurance plan?
  • Is there current availability in your desired program?
  • What kinds of things should I bring or prepare for?
  • How long will my desired rehab program last?

Taking the first steps toward recovery might not be easy, but the effort is well worth the reward of lasting sobriety. Call 866-704-7692 today to get details on Lakeview Health in Jacksonville, Florida, and how rehab can transform your life for the better.