Choosing an Addiction Treatment Facility That Is Right for You

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July 13, 2010

Choosing an Addiction Treatment Facility That Is Right for You


Unless court ordered, going to addiction treatment is voluntary. Therefore, you get to choose your own addiction treatment center. When choosing the right drug and alcohol rehab, it is important that you find one that is equipped to care for your specific illness while treating you with respect. When looking to see if a facility will provide you with effective treatment, here are three questions you should ask:


1. Is the facility run by CAPs (certified addiction professionals)?

2. Does the facility provide both group and individual therapy?

3. Does the facility provide individual treatment plans for each client?


Good drug rehab facilities take good care of their clients. They care about each individual’s recovery and seek to build a foundation for each person’s long-term sobriety. They believe that a happy, productive life can be lead after a patient breaks free from drug or alcohol addiction. The decision to choose a facility should be made carefully to ensure that the patient and the treatment staff have the same goal in mind.

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