Choosing from Various Forms of Drug Rehab

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January 04, 2011

Choosing from Various Forms of Drug Rehab


An outpatient drug rehab is best for an individual who has family or job commitments that are impossible to get away from.  This form of treatment is not as intense but will include both counseling and therapy on both an individual and group basis.  An outpatient rehab would not be appropriate for the addict that is going to suffer from withdrawals and is in need of detoxification.  Outpatient programs do not provide the comfort of twenty four hour a day medical supervision.  If not handled properly the detox process could end in death.

If there is a need for twenty four hour a day medical supervision an inpatient program may be the best fit when choosing a drug rehab.  Inpatient treatment has more intensive therapy and counseling then an outpatient program.  Another benefit of an inpatient program is that the suffering addict will be living with other addicts that are going through the same difficulties and struggles that come with the disease of addiction.  The bonds that are formed with other addicts are instrumental in maintaining long term abstinence from drugs and alcohol.

This type of drug rehabilitation is best suited for an individual that has a severe addiction.  Heroin addiction, crack addiction, and even sever alcoholism may call for a long-tem residential drug rehab.  A long term addiction treatment center is inpatient and will last a minimum of three months.  The longer a patient stays in a treatment center the better chance they will have at staying sober and avoiding relapse.  At a long term drug rehab twenty four hour a day medical supervision is provided.  Patients will participate and benefit from intense group and individual therapy.


Long term residential rehab will accommodate an individual with an environment that is both safe and structured.  This is pertinent in early recovery as it allows an addict to concentrate on their recovery without any distractions from the outside world.  Recovering from drug addiction is hard enough without the distractions that are faced in day to day life. Listing of all types of treatment programs at Lakeview.

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