Choosing the Best Addiction Treatment Center

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October 11, 2010

Choosing the Best Addiction Treatment Center


When building a house one of the most important if not most important parts of the house is the foundation.  Nothing else on the house can be built I there is not a foundation.  If the foundation to the house is not strong then the rest of the house is likely to have serious structural damage in the future.  Recovery from drug and alcohol addiction is very similar to building a house.  It is absolutely pertinent in the early goings of recovery for a strong foundation to be built.  The addiction treatment facility that a person chooses to go to can determine how well an individual’s recovery is going to go.

Below are some questions that should be asked and answered when doing research to find the most appropriate addiction treatment center for you or a loved one.


  1. What is the client to staff ratio?  This is important to know as one wants to make sure that a staff is not spread too thin so that each client gets the time needed for them to process whatever issues they have had and are going through.
  2. Is there a medically supervise detoxification process?  Detoxification from drugs and alcohol will relieve a client of any physiological cravings they have.  This is important as it will allow them to concentrate solely on the psychological aspect of their disease.
  3. What are the different types of therapy offered?  Different people will respond to different types of therapy.  It is important for an addiction treatment center to provide various types of treatment.
  4. Will each client have an individual treatment plan designed for them? Everyone in who suffers from addiction is unique so it is pertinent that a separate treatment plan is put together that is geared for their specific needs.
  5. Is there aftercare planning? Once treatment is over it is just as if not more important for a recovering addict to continue to receive support while they begin a new life free of chemical dependency.
  6. Will a family program be offered? Family members and friends should learn about the disease of addiction. A family program will help teach family members about addiction and let them know what their role should be in their friend or family member that is fighting the disease.


One only has to go to addiction treatment one time if they do the research that is necessary.  Stories of relapse are always told but it is important to know that relapse is not a necessity.  If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction get the help that is needed and remember that a good addiction treatment center will help to build that strong foundation that is needed for long, happy, productive life that is free of chemical dependency.

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