Codependency is Like Digging a Grave

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March 07, 2011

Codependency is Like Digging a Grave


In today’s” New York Times” newspaper there was yet another article on Charlie Sheen. The premise of the article was that the people that are in Charlie Sheen’s inner circle have in a sense supported his drug and alcohol addiction. This is not to say that they condone his behavior but they are willing to put up with it as he is their “money maker”. Worse than that, they seem to be willing to go through whatever lengths necessary to keep Sheen afloat so that he does not affect their bank roll.

While every scenario is different when it comes to dealing with addiction it is not uncommon that those surrounding the individual may have helped to prolong their addiction. Codependency whether it be financially supporting an addict, emotionally supporting them, or telling them that things are going to get better can literally be compared to digging someone’s grave.

It is sometimes necessary for an individual to hit a rock bottom before they are willing to get help for their troubles with drug addiction or alcohol abuse. It is not necessary to hit a “rock bottom” before making the decision to get help. Many feel that everything needs to be lost before help is sought out. This is not the case!

Quality addiction treatment programs provide family programs. A family program will teach family members and loved ones of an addict how they may have inadvertently fueled their loved ones addiction. In addition, through the teachings of a family program they will become aware of the role that they can play in their loved ones recovery, as well as how to appropriately handle a possible relapse.

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