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July 18, 2016

image of Lakeview Health Recovery Navigator logoLakeview Health and Stepping Stone Center for Recovery have committed to Connect with alumni post –treatment for up to one year and even longer, helping them with increased success in handling life on life’s terms. Historically, inpatient treatment programs focused on treatment and some aftercare support for their alumni. Lakeview and Stepping Stone Center for Recovery have committed to connect
In June, Lakeview Health partnered with MAP Health Management to launch Recovery Navigator, a telephonic support program for alumni who are working through the fragile months of early recovery. Recovery Coaches, Ami Brantley, Nick Goslin and Karen Zaccour connect with alumni four times the first month after discharge and then 2x thereafter for up to a year. The primary goal is to support recovery and to watch for early signs of a relapse, they help identify and correct behavior prior to a slip. Post-treatment support greatly improves the chances of staying sober, and an ongoing relationship with someone in long-term recovery is a powerful resource.

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