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The Dangers of Benzos

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Published: June 24, 2020

When it comes to abusing substances, there are multiple types of prescription medications available for individuals to misuse. One of the more popular types is benzodiazepines. However, it’s essential to seek out a benzo addiction treatment program to avoid experiencing the dangers of benzos. Knowing these dangers and how they can negatively impact your life will help you to take the first step towards lasting recovery.

What are Benzodiazepines?

Benzodiazepines are a class of depressant drugs that help to treat anxiety disorders, depression, insomnia, and even seizures. One of the more well-known benzos is Xanax. These medications affect the nervous system and provide a sense of relaxation and calm.

Because of their relaxing effects, benzos are commonly misused by those with prescriptions and are often sought out by those without a prescription. Unfortunately, when the medications are misused, the individual can quickly experience addiction. They require more of the medication at a time to feel the same effects, and their body quickly requires the drug in order to function properly.

When benzo addiction takes place, a drug addiction treatment center is vital to help recover. Without the help of professionals, individuals leave themselves at risk of experiencing the dangers of benzos.

Dangers of Benzos

Knowing the dangers of benzos isn’t always enough for someone to want to end their addiction, but it can help to push them towards beginning treatment. Some of the dangers of benzos include the following:

Gastrointestinal Issues

Misusing benzos can often lead to issues with the stomach and digestive tract. Individuals may experience vomiting, constipation, cramping, and nausea due to the abuse of the medications. These symptoms can also lead to malnutrition due to poor eating habits and a lack of appetite.

Excessive Drowsiness

Because benzos are a sedative, they can lead to feelings of fatigue and drowsiness. Prolonged abuse can lead to disrupted sleeping patterns and feelings of drowsiness throughout the day. This can begin to negatively impact a person’s life if they are unable to remain awake and focused on their tasks during the day.

Poor Concentration and Mental Clarity

Along with the drowsiness, the misuse of these medications can lead to brain fog and trouble with concentration. Slow reaction times and the inability to focus can be harmful when trying to drive a car or perform tasks at work.

Severe Dizziness or Balance Problems

Misusing benzos can also lead to feelings of dizziness and the inability to feel balanced. This lightheadedness can become so severe that individuals can faint from it, leaving them at risk for more serious injury.

Drug Addiction Treatment at Lakeview Health

Lakeview Health provides the full continuum of care individuals need to avoid the dangers of benzos and break free from their addiction. We understand that while benzos are helpful medications when used appropriately, they are highly addictive and easy to misuse. Our treatment programs identify the reasons behind the abuse of the drugs and help to teach clients healthier coping mechanisms. If the benzos are for a mental health disorder, we provide dual diagnosis treatment to care for both the addiction and the underlying disorder. This provides clients with the comprehensive care they need to manage their mental health effectively and safely without putting themselves at risk for addiction.

Our addiction treatment programs include the following:

If you’re worried about the dangers of benzos, contact Lakeview Health today by calling [Direct]. Our admissions team is ready to help.

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