The Dangers of Mommy Drinking Culture: Take This Situation Seriously

dangers of mommy drinking culture, mother with headache enduring screaming children

The Dangers of Mommy Drinking Culture: Take This Situation Seriously

By Lakeview Health
Lakeview Health
Published: November 24, 2019

Modern culture has stated that a glass of wine or three is okay and even healthy for mothers. However, the dangers of mommy drinking culture may surprise many who enjoy a drink while interacting with their children. Like with any alcohol abuse, the threat can be high. And, unfortunately, many mothers may need to visit an alcohol addiction treatment center in Jacksonville, FL, to get help for this problem.

What is Mommy Drinking Culture?

Mommy drinking culture refers to the normalization of mothers drinking during the day to handle their childcare. Many mothers claim that this alcohol – often, but not always, wine – helps calm their nerves. Others make jokes about their alcohol use and normalize it. Some may even post pictures of themselves drinking a glass of wine while surrounded by their children.

This situation – particularly the use of wine – has become very standard for mothers. For example, many stores release wine bars designed for mothers. Other products include purses with hidden wine spouts. As a result, even mothers who may not have drunk before may find pressured to do so. Some magazines have also argued that such behavior is classy or even a harmless way to handle stress.

The only way to describe these beliefs is “delusional” or, at best, misguided. Drinking every time you interact with children is in no way a healthy activity. Is it normal to have a shot before you go to work every day? Of course not. Unfortunately, the prevalence of this belief is leading to generations of secret alcoholics. These mothers may end up experiencing the dangers of mommy drinking culture and needing alcohol addiction treatment.

What are the Dangers of Mommy Drinking Culture?

The dangers of mommy drinking culture are diverse and hard to classify. Many mothers may try to claim that there is no danger. “A glass of wine every day is healthy!” many people claim. That idea is based on old studies that may no longer be accurate. Even worse, mommy drinking culture reinforces notions of high-functioning alcoholism and causes dangers like:

  • Mommy drinking culture alcoholism – Addiction to alcohol may occur with any liquor, including wine
  • Setting a bad example – Parents don’t realize how mommy drinking culture influences their children later in life
  • Mask more complicated problems – Drinking to manage motherhood stress hides the anxiety and does not treat it
  • Weight gain – A handful of drinks every day can slowly put weight on a mother that can be dangerous if she still has pregnancy-related weight
  • Health problems – Remember: alcohol is a poison and drinking excessive amounts of it can lead to health issues
  • Expanded drug use – Mothers who drink may be compelled to try other drugs and need treatment for addiction later in life

Though the dangers of mommy drinking culture may not be immediately apparent, they can be devastating. The worst thing is the normalization of such activities. Joking meme stating “It’s Wine O’Clock!” only reinforces alcoholic behaviors. Many children walk away from this alcohol abuse and think it is normal. As a result, many future mommy drink culture alcoholics may be in training.

Does Mommy Drinking Culture Alcoholism Need Treatment?

If you feel the dangers of mommy drinking culture have affected you, treatment may be necessary. Detox can help you through withdrawal and ensure that you aren’t in pain. You can then use counseling methods to discover why you are compelled to drink.

These sessions can teach you how to say no to the pressure to drink. Coping methods include saying no to friends who may want to give you wine. You will also learn how to stand up for yourself and your sobriety in a respectful but effective way.

Who Can Help With This Problem?

If you are worried about the dangers of mommy drinking culture, contact us at Lakeview Health. Call 866.704.7692 to learn more about our addiction treatment programs, like dual-diagnosis. We can help you understand the dangers of alcohol abuse. Even better, we can walk you towards a sober lifestyle. If necessary, we can provide gender-specific care, as well. And we work with many insurance options to suit your care needs.