Does Addiction Control Your Life?

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February 21, 2013

regaining control from addiction

It’s a New Day, Make a New Decision

Losing to Addiction
Have you noticed what you may be losing when you keep using drugs and alcohol? By the time you realize that you are drowning in addiction, it may have already cost you family, friends, self-esteem, finances and trust. The drive to continue using despite all these consequences is insanity, but the option of stopping may feel overwhelming. At least when you are high you don’t have to think or feel what you are losing to addiction.
Addiction is not a game. There is no winner and you need help to stop. If you were able to objectively look outside yourself, what might you see?
Deciding to Make a Change
Sometimes it is hard to admit you have a problem. You spend so much time taking care of others; it’s hard to ask for help. You may struggle with depression, anxiety and/or another mood disorder and feel that substance abuse is the only thing that has helped you. While you may have experienced temporary relief, you will still be losing to addiction in the long run. You don’t have to use drugs and alcohol just to feel normal.
Our doctors and therapists can help you stabilize your mood, so that you will not relapse in an attempt to self-medicate. Lakeview Health staff will help to light the pathway out of addiction and help you get your life back on track.
Road to Recovery
Entering addiction treatment can save your life; give you back your family, friends, support and trust and help rebuild your self-esteem. Making the decision togo to rehab will change your life and give you a positive, fresh and sober start. You will return to life of good health and productivity. You will welcome the day rather than wait for it to end.

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