Does Tragedy Initiate Change?

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July 19, 2012

Addicts Staying Sober

You Don’t Have to Hit Rock Bottom before Changing

Non-addicts believe that stubbornness is the reason why addicts continue using alcohol and drugs despite negative consequences. Just because we decided to use drugs and alcohol, it does not mean that we chose to become addicted. Our addiction develops over time and causes us to make impaired decisions. Hitting rock bottom may be one of the only ways to disrupt our disease of addiction.
Loss of relationships, financial troubles, arrests, and homelessness are some of the consequences of making poor choices while in the midst of addiction. The influence of alcohol and drugs makes us believe that our choices are not that bad, but the truth is when we sober up we feel ashamed of our behaviors and choices. This shame will lead us back to using and we may end up with irreversible consequences. Many times it is these consequences that lead us to seek addiction treatment.
Hitting rock bottom may have led some of us to getting clean, but what does it really take to stay sober? It’s an internal change in our thought process and behavior. Our minds become warped and need time to adjust back to a sensible less addictive style of thinking. Rational thinking takes place after a period of time from not using drugs and alcohol. Finally, we can look back at our previous actions and their consequences and be grateful for being sober.
Relapse prevention is an important part of remaining clean and sober. For more on relapse prevention check out our article: 5 Ways to Maintain Recovery from Drug Addiction.

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