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How Drug Use Becomes Drug Dependence

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Published: September 30, 2016

People misunderstand addiction, and many can’t comprehend why people can’t stop using. Drug dependence becomes a matter of the mind and the body, and a person is using drugs in order to fulfill a mental obsession and craving, and it often starts off with substance abuse. The substance abuse can begin for a variety of reasons, and sometimes it can be stopped before it becomes a full-on addiction. All too often, this isn’t the case.

The Common Reasons For Substance Abuse with Young People

Young people abuse substances for many different reasons. For some young people, the amount of drugs people use indicates how “cool” they are. This means that many of the efforts that go toward drug diversion classes may be falling on deaf ears. This happens because sometimes the role models kids look up to in the media are glamorizing drugs and alcohol, so young people relate drugs and alcohol with fame and fortune. Another common reason young people may abuse substances is that they haven’t yet learned how to properly deal with negative emotions like stress, depression and anger.

Substance Abuse for Traumatic Events

Traumatic events can happen at any moment in a person’s life. A person can lose a job, go through a breakup, or he or she may lose a loved one. A common reaction to severe trauma is to try to push the negative feeling or emotion as far away as possible, and drugs can be an easy escape. Abusing substances can begin to make one’s brain relate negative emotions to using substances, which is what turns into a drug dependence, and that’s how addiction begins.

Lakeview Health can Help You Overcome Addiction

Drug dependency is a mental and physical issue. When you come to Lakeview Health, we’ll first take a look at the physical dependency by helping you through a medical detox. The detoxification process is crucial because some of the symptoms can be uncomfortable or even dangerous in some circumstances. In rehab, we will treat your mental dependency to your substance or substances of choice. Your mind relates situations and feelings to using drugs, so it’s important to go through different types of therapies to learn a better way of living. Substance abuse comes from using drugs as a way of dealing with life. Drugs are only a symptom of the overall problem. The goal of Lakeview Health is to show men and women a better way of living. Give us a call today at 866-704-7692 to find out more about our program of recovery.

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