How Can a Drug Rehab Help Me Get Sober from Drugs and Alcohol?

How Can a Drug Rehab Help Me Get Sober from Drugs and Alcohol?

By Lakeview Health
Lakeview Health
Published: March 23, 2016

When you’re stuck in the clutches of addiction, it’s quite challenging to understand how addiction treatment can help you recover. The disease of addiction often leaves people feeling completely and utterly hopeless. Drug Rehab help seems far away and scary. If you’re like most individuals suffering from addiction, you’ve attempted to get sober multiple times before with no luck. For those who have never tried to get sober, the thoughts of, “How can a drug rehab help me?” are completely normal. Something that you must realize is that the disease of addiction is devious and powerful, and it doesn’t want you to get well. For many, they are forever left contemplating whether a drug rehab can help them get sober.

Can Drug Rehab Help Me With Withdrawals?

The first step in any rehab program is ensuring that you get through detox as comfortably as possible. At Lakeview Health, this is done by on-site detoxification that is medically monitored. Unlike programs that send patients to nearby medical programs for detox, our detox is handled at an accredited facility on our own campus. Licensed staff provides a customized delivery of physician-approved and monitored procedures, and medical professionals are present 24 hours a day to supervise patient recovery. The medical practitioners are also able to collaborate with the therapy staff to formulate a continuing recovery plan. This is comforting for anyone who has had concerns about going through withdrawal, because the medical staff will help minimize your symptoms of withdrawal either with detox medications or holistic methods like nutrition, exercise, yoga and meditation. This will allow you to feel well mentally and physically so you can begin the rehabilitation phase of treatment.

How Can a Drug Rehab Help Me With My Mental Health Issues?

Many people addicted to drugs or alcohol begin using because they suffer from mental health issues that they may have never known existed. If you drink or use to cover up feelings of anxiety, depression, attention deficit issues or traumatic issues from your past, rehab can help you by treating you for a dual diagnosis. It’s important that the aspects of your addiction are treated, as well as your symptoms of mental health issues. This enables you to learn how to deal with both in a much healthier way that doesn’t involve alcohol or drugs.

How Can Addiction Treatment Alleviate My Loneliness?

Not only can you receive individual therapy, but group therapy is also utilized. Both of these are vital aspects in the recovery process. Treatment will introduce you to how 12-step programs of recovery work. They function around the idea that the best treatment for an addicted individual is to engage with someone who has dealt with the same issues. You’ll go to 12-step meetings where you will begin to build a bond with other patients who are in treatment and looking to recover.

How Can a Drug Rehab Ensure a Lasting Recovery?

The worry of those who struggle with addiction, whether by drug or alcohol, is how they’re going to prevent relapse once they leave treatment. This is a normal fear that everyone has in early recovery. Lakeview Health will teach you how to manage your triggers in a healthy way so you don’t have to pick up a drink or a drug. Through various types of therapy and holistic methods, you’ll be able to live a life free of active addiction. Don’t let addiction rule your life. Let Lakeview Health help you break the cycle by calling today at 866.704.7692 . The help you need is here – don’t wait any longer to get it.