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September 29, 2010

Find Spirituality at Lakeview Health Systems’ Florida Drug Rehab


Lakeview Health Systems recognizes the fact that addiction to drugs and alcohol is a family disease which is why we provide a free, four day family addiction workshop. When it comes to addiction, family members and close friends suffer just as much and maybe even more then the addict themselves. The main objective of the family addiction workshop is to educate the family as well as heal the family from the damage that was caused during their loved ones active addiction. When there is tension in a family like that caused by alcohol or drug addiction the family as a whole will suffer and their will be family dynamics that can be hard to recover from without professional assistance.

It is very common for the addicted family member to blame and justify his or her addictive behaviors on their family members. In turn it is not unusual for family members to blame all the problems that exist within their family on the addict or alcoholic. Family and friends will often help an addict fuel their addiction by enabling them. They will give them money, help them get out of trouble and basically do whatever it takes to help their loved one avoid having to deal with consequences. Sometimes an individual who suffers from the disease of addiction will not be willing to get help until they are faced with some life changing consequences.

Addiction is without a doubt a family disease which is why Lakeview Health Systems strongly believes in offering comprehensive programs to help the family as a whole recover.

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