Family Program=Family Recovery

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Family Program=Family Recovery

By Lakeview Health
Lakeview Health
Published: January 2, 2020

When it comes to addiction, the family is at the very center of it all. Sometimes this is true in a less-than-positive sense. Families can engender stereotypes and force their members into roles that do not suit them. They can allow for bad habits to become routines and reinforce bad behaviors. And sometimes, families can even encourage addictive behaviors by enabling them, denying them, apologizing for them, or pretending they don’t exist. But for every potentially harmful effect a family can have on a family member with an addiction problem, there is a potentially positive effect as well. Once someone has gone through rehabilitation and is in recovery, their family can provide the support they need to see their sobriety through. Families can develop and maintain healthy habits for an individual. They can give love, empathy, understanding, and acceptance, where once there was judgment and rejection. Families can, in the best of circumstances, be at the very heart of recovery through a family program. When you participate in family support for addiction, you can reach a place of love and acceptance.

The Family Addiction Workshop

Lakeview Health recognizes the fact that addiction to drugs and alcohol is what we sometimes refer to as a “family disease.” And it is because of the family nature of the condition that why we provide a free, four-day family addiction workshop. When it comes to addiction, family members and close friends suffer just as much as the addict themselves. In some cases, they suffer even more. But as a unit, we believe that families can overcome any problem — and at Lakeview Health, we can help make that happen.
The main objective of the family addiction workshop is to educate the family about the addiction in their midst. But it is also our goal to heal the family from the damage that has been caused by their loved one’s active addiction. When there is tension in a family created by alcohol or drug addiction, the family as a whole suffers, and it can be hard for family dynamics to return to what they once were without professional assistance. It can be very common for the addicted family member to blame their addictive behaviors on their family members, for instance, or to use their family to justify their actions. It is also not unusual for family members to blame all the problems that exist within their family on the member that is suffering from addiction issues.

But it is precisely because addiction is a “family disease” that Lakeview Health provides comprehensive addiction treatment programs to help the family as a whole recover. We would never ask an individual suffering from addiction to go it alone. And we would never ask their families to go it alone either.

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If you or a member of your family is suffering at the hands of a substance abuse problem, don’t hesitate. Contact Lakeview Health today online or by calling us at 866.704.7692. Families were made to take care of each other. Why not make your family the best it can be?