Family Support for Addiction

family members benefitting from Family Support for Addiction

Family Support for Addiction

By Lakeview Health
Lakeview Health
Published: April 6, 2020

At Lakeview Health, we understand that addiction does not just affect the individual struggling with addiction. It harms everyone in that person’s radius, from co-workers and friends, to family members. Indeed, the family is perhaps most directly affected. This is because a family is often obliged to bear the brunt of dealing with the adverse effects of addiction. And this is why family support for addiction is so important. Through a family therapy program, individuals are able to receive the support they need during this trying time and can begin to move past the struggles of addiction.

What To Expect When Seeking Family Support for Addiction

In family therapy at Lakeview Health, we make a point of bringing multiple family members together for sessions. The goal is to provide a safe space to discuss and process the stress, grief, and conflict that so often accompany addiction. In many cases, we also offer individual sessions for non-addicted family members who have been particularly hard by addiction.

The number and duration of sessions depends, of course, on the individual situation. But the reason we offer family support for addiction reflects your goal in getting help with your addiction. Simply put, we wish to heal the rifts in your family that have resulted from chronic substance abuse.

In our family therapy program, you can expect to:

  • Scrutinize your family’s structure. What rules, relationships, and routines are helping or hindering your recovery and rehabilitation from drug or alcohol dependence?
  • Examine and improve your family’s ability to communicate effectively with one another. We can only solve problems together when we communicate effectively.
  • Identify potential problems. Are there hindrances or barriers to recovery present in the family dynamic?
  • Celebrate your strengths. What’s going well? By isolating the positive aspects of the family, it can provide you with an even more reliable support system.

These are, of course, only the first steps. But a recovery based on family support for addiction means a more complete recovery and makes relapse all the less likely.

The Advantages of Family Support for Addiction

An approach founded on the principals of family support for addiction means allowing family members to work out their problems. And the best way to do this is in a controlled setting, with the help and support of a mental health professional. The advantages of family support for addiction include, but are not limited to:

  • Understanding how addiction has affected each member of your family unit — not just the addicted individual
  • A deeper appreciation of your family structure, patterns, and dynamics
  • A thorough examination of what constitutes healthy boundaries in your family
  • Improved communication among family members
  • The ability to deal with conflict, crisis, and anger
  • The strengthening of family bonds, and the building of familial empathy in the wake of addiction

There are other advantages of an approach founded on family support for addiction. But they are among the most important. Asking for help is never easy, especially when it involves family. But when you get family support for addiction, you can expect improvement almost immediately.

Explore Addiction Treatment Programs at Lakeview Health

If you are battling addiction, it is essential to remember that you are not alone. And family support for addiction means keeping your family unit together as you recover from the stress, anxiety, and conflict that accompany addiction. At Lakeview Health, family therapy can not only keep you together; it can help make your family stronger than ever. We also provide a number of additional addiction therapy programs to help individuals recover from substance abuse.

Explore the benefits of family support for addiction today when you contact Lakeview Health at 866.704.7692 today. The journey for you and your family starts here.

Lakeview Health is still open and providing addiction treatment during this time. Review our COVID-19 page for all updates and important information.