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May 19, 2016

Receiving Gender Responsive Drug And Alcohol Rehab In Florida Can Change Everything

Gender Responsive Drug and Alcohol RehabAddiction can be difficult to tackle on your own. Entering drug and alcohol rehab in Florida can help put you on the path to sobriety by surrounding you with trained medical professionals that can center treatment around your needs. That means that they have to cultivate some insight into your needs and assess how to tackle your addiction. Mainly, they have to understand what led you to your addiction in the first place, so through a gender responsive drug and alcohol rehab program they can better understand your needs and teach you how to cope.

How Does Gender Responsiveness Play Into Drug And AlcoholRehab In Florida?

For years, it was believed that males and females could get the same treatment for addiction and the results would be the same. Recently, that view has changed. Scientists have discovered that men and women have different factors that have lead them to a life of addiction. Due to that, men and women need different treatments in order for each of them to make a full recovery.

Lakeview Health Offers Drug And Alcohol Rehab In Florida For Men And Women

At Lakeview Health, we wanted to ensure that each of our patients that comes in for help receives the proper support they need. That’s why we’ve incorporated a gender responsive program into both of our men’s and women’s facilities. We’ve separated genders into their own buildings so each of our Jacksonville centers could focus on the appointed gender.
Separating genders also means that patients of the same gender can talk more freely in group therapy sessions. The openness and connection they would have in these group sessions would allow individuals to come to terms with their addiction triggers faster.
Although there are differing programs and treatments, there are some that remain consistent, such as dual-diagnosis treatment, family programs, medically monitored detox, and many holistic therapies. Each patient is worked with on an individual basis and their treatment plans are altered to ensure they’re receiving the full care that they need.

Receiving Gender Responsive Drug And Alcohol Rehab In Florida Is Possible

Attending any drug and alcohol rehab in Florida isn’t going to be the best of options for you. By attending addiction treatment at a facility designed for your gender, you’re putting yourself in a better position for lasting sobriety. Lakeview Health has both male and female facilities. No matter what gender you are, you’re going to find the support you need with our programs and medical staff.
Don’t choose any rehab center that appears to be good without doing the appropriate research. Reach out to us and find out what quality treatment can do for you and your future. Call Lakeview Health today at 866.704.7692 and let’s discuss your treatment options.

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