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February 28, 2011

Finding Life in Drug Rehab


Drug and alcohol addiction is a growing problem in the United States. Nearly everyone knows someone that struggles with the addiction.  Nearly five percent of the American population suffers from either alcohol or drug addiction.  Addiction not only affects the individual who is suffering from the disease but also the people that surround them. If addiction is not treated in a timely fashion it can cause serious health issues and in some cases even death.  In addition, many who suffer from addiction find themselves in trouble with the law and dealing with negative dynamics in their personal relationships with family and friends and co-workers.

One major effect that an addict will face is deteriorating health.  An addiction to either drugs or alcohol makes one more likely to attract the HIV virus along with liver and heart disease, cancer and strokes.  If a woman is pregnant and does not stop their drug abuse it is likely that their unborn child will suffer brain damage, mental illness and be innately addicted to drugs.

It is not likely that an individual addicted to drugs will be able to stop their abuse on their own. Drug addicts commonly seek help through drug rehab in order to stop their drug abuse.  Without the help, guidance and support of a drug rehab it can be nearly impossible to overcome addiction.  Willpower and self determination is simply not enough to put a stop to the downward spiral caused by addiction.

The long term goal of a drug rehab is to help its clients become abstinent from drugs. Short-term goals of a drug rehab include assisting its clients to recover both mentally and physically from the damage that their drug abuse has caused.  In rehab clients will work with therapist in both individual and group settings.  The therapy sessions that take place in drug rehab will allow clients to talk about their cravings as well as the difficult mental withdrawal symptoms that they are experiencing.  Quality drug rehabs cater to the needs of each individual client.
Quality addiction treatment provides a personalized treatment for each client to follow so that they can be successful in their recovery.  Gender, age, ethnicity, and culture all play a role when a treatment plan is developed and put into place.

Drug rehab has been a saving grace for many who struggle with addiction.  The first step to getting help is admitting that a problem exists. Many people have become free of addiction have gone on to lead happy lives with the help of drug rehab.

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