Florida Implements Prescription Drug Database

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September 01, 2011

Florida Implements Prescription Drug Database

A prescription drug database is set to launch in the state of Florida today. The primary purpose behind the prescription drug database is to prevent doctor shopping and put an end to doctors who over prescribing drugs to their patients. The state of Florida has been struggling with a prescription drug problem that continues to grow. There is hope that the new database will have an essential role in slowing down the problem.

Many other states around the country have already put a similar system in place and as a result many who suffer from the disease of addiction to prescription drugs along with drug dealers have been traveling to Florida for their supply of prescription drugs. Florida has quickly gained the reputation of being one of the easiest states for individuals to get prescription drugs. Last year out of 100 doctors who lead the country in purchasing oxycodone 90 of them were from Florida.

With the new database anytime a prescription is given out the doctor who prescribed it as well as the recipient of the prescription will be put into the database. This information has to be inputted into the database within a seven day time period of when the prescription was written out. Hopefully monitoring the amount of prescription drugs being administered in the state of Florida will curb the amount of drug abuse that is taking place.

While this database is a good step there is still the issue of all of those who are now struggle with a prescription drug addiction. For most the addiction is too powerful to stop without the help of an addiction treatment center and a medically supervised detoxification.

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