Former Drug Addict Preparing for 10k Run

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April 18, 2011

Former Drug Addict Preparing for 10k Run


If you ask Garcia Nelson why he is training to run a 10K race he will tell you, “I’m tired of being a quitter. This is about being a finisher.” Garcia Nelson is a 56 year old man from the Michigan area. He will openly discuss how his life was ruined from heroin addiction and is currently living in a homeless shelter. Nelson is preparing to run the 10K with others who he lives in the homeless shelter with. He explains that it has given him a sense of purpose to show up on a daily basis and train for the 6.2 mile Third River Bank Run.

The Third River Bank Run has been going on for the past five years and since the first event an estimated 185 addicts have completed the race. More importantly, many of these recovering addicts have been able to go on to live happy and productive lives that are free of chemical dependency.

In order to recover from drug addiction and alcohol abuse it is necessary for addicts to work and bond with other addicts who are in recovery. This race has provided that bond for many addicts and has given them a sense of purpose which is easily lost when caught in the grips of addiction.

When it comes to overcoming addiction it is important to know that recovering addicts and alcoholics are stronger in numbers then alone. The support that those overcoming addiction get from one another is second to none which is why addiction treatment centers throughout the country use and promote the twelve step fellowship of alcoholics and narcotics anonymous.

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