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December 10, 2010

For everyone that struggles with the disease of addiction the comment “I will never do that again to myself” is a phrase that is said far too often. The vast majority of those who struggle with addiction do not want to live the hard, chaotic life that comes along with the deadly disease. It is great misconception that addiction can be controlled and those who abuse drugs and alcohol can stop at any time. On the contrary once addicted to drugs or alcohol it can be nearly impossible to stop and an individual will likely need the help of a quality addiction treatment center.

Many who abuse alcohol and drugs have made more than one attempt to stop on their own. In some circumstances individuals have been able to get sober for a period of time only to find themselves caught in the grips of addiction again. Addiction is a progressive disease and when someone suffers a relapse their intake of drugs and alcohol is likely to get worse.

In addiction treatment clients will be in a safe, supportive environment to help them get through the very difficult initial stages of recovery and become free of chemical dependency. It is extremely helpful to be in this type of environment as it allows individuals to focus on their early recovery without distractions from the outside world. Clients will participate in various types of therapy including individual therapy, group therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy. All will help them to understand their addiction as well as what actions they are going to have to take to protect their new found sobriety after their stay in addiction treatment is complete.

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