Drug Rehab Gives New Coping Skills

Drug Rehab Gives New Coping Skills

By Lakeview Health
Lakeview Health
Published: January 18, 2013

Do you ever feel detached and scared because you want to relapse? Sometimes the desire to use drugs and alcohol may still be there even after you have attended a drug rehab. Don’t be alarmed by this feeling. There is an explanation why it happens: Your old coping skill was to use drugs and alcohol when you felt uncomfortable before you completed drug rehab. Now that you are sober, you need to replace that with new coping skills.

What Makes Me Want To Relapse?

Every situation  produces reactions, thoughts and feelings. In the past, these thoughts and feelings were probably some of the reasons for drug and alcohol addiction patterns. Now that you are sober, you wonder why they continue to exist. Good or bad events in your life can produce the desire to relapse. When you are sad you detach or get angry. When you are happy you let your guard down a bit. These are examples of how the disease of addiction can trigger you even though you are sober.

Applying New Coping Skills

Cravings still exist because they have been part of your life for so long. More important is how you plan on addressing the cravings, thoughts and feelings before you have a physical relapse. By now you should have a solid recovery plan in place. Techniques to use after drug rehab to help your sobriety:

  1. Embrace your emotions.
    • Don’t try to get rid of your emotions.
  2. Validate your emotions.
    • Tell yourself that it is OK that you feel this way.
  3. Know that they will pass.
    • There is an ebb and flow to emotions.

Keep in mind that living sober is a lifestyle change. It takes time to learn new healthy habits. This is a quick tip on how to resolve your emotions in the moment. Take advantage of our alumni program for ongoing support and education. How do you deal with unwanted thoughts and feelings? Share your techniques below or on our Facebook page. Your skills may help a fellow addict realize there are options and relapse is not one.