God Doesn’t Expect Us to Be Perfect

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October 04, 2012

Scott Stapp and Recovery

God’s Love Remains Constant Throughout Our Recovery

I heard an interview with Scott Stapp, the ex-lead singer of Creed, which touched my heart. He is probably one of the only musicians that I feel writes the lyrics of my life. If you have ever heard Creed’s songs, as a Christian you know that there was something special about that band. In fact there was a difference. Their lead singer grew up as a preacher’s kid in a Christian home and his struggle between two worlds was clearly demonstrated in his lyrics. In an interview with Wally from WAY-FM radio, Scott reported that he made a deal with God that he would always glorify Him in his lyrics.
Alcoholism, a non-discriminating disease, was Scott’s downfall. This addiction opened the window for additional sin. The thing that stood out to me as I listened to his interview was his complete understanding the God never left him, even through the rise and fall of his fame. God’s love and mercy remained constant in Scott’s life and was the one thing he held onto through his self-destruction. It is always amazing to me that God loves us despite our imperfections because He knows that we are not perfect. Scott made a great reference to the saying, “progress not perfection.” We are all works in progress in God’s eyes.
Scott finished the interview stating that today he is sober. He has written a new book called Sinner’s Creed, which I cannot wait to purchase and read. His story is inspirational and a great reminder of God’s unconditional love and patience. Even though He allows us to experience consequences for our poor choices, He never takes away eternal blessings from us. He will use all of our good and bad experiences for His ultimate glory.
Has God used your experiences in a special way?

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