Government to Increase Education on Prescription Drug Abuse

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April 21, 2011

Government to Increase Education on Prescription Drug Abuse

The Obama administration recognizes the increasing need to address the growing problem of prescription drug abuse in the United States and they are ready to take action. A national survey on drug use shows that while the abuse of drugs like cocaine and heroin is on the decline addiction to prescription painkillers, specifically prescription opioids is increasing at an alarming rate.

The government plans on attacking this problem through educating parents, youth, patients and healthcare providers. The government will implement programs to educate the public about the dangers that come with prescription drug addiction. The Obama administration firmly believes that in order to get a grasp on the growing problem physicians, nurse practitioners, pharmacist, dispensers… are all going to have to get involved in the movement and be a part of their plan. The majority of healthcare providers do not have the training to recognize when a problem with addiction exists and it results in the loose prescribing of prescription drugs.

In order to educate all parties involved the administration has plans to educate prescribing physicians, make drug manufactures develop educational reading materials, have federal agencies educate their independent practitioners, and work with medical and healthcare boards to encourage them to write education curricula.

Addiction to prescription medication is a growing problem that needs to be addressed. For one reason or another millions of Americans struggle with addiction to painkillers.  If you or someone you love is struggling with the disease of addiction an addiction treatment center can help. It is never too late to get the proper help and get the life you deserve.

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