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October 25, 2010

Starting Recovery in Group Therapy

There is no question that individual therapy during addiction treatment plays a vital role in the recovery process from drugs and alcohol addiction. Individual therapy allows clients to work on issues that are unique to them that they may not want to share in a group setting. Individual therapy provides the privacy that is needed to talk about some issues that they may not be ready to discuss in a group setting. With that being said the power and healing that can take place during group therapy should not be minimized. In fact many attribute a lot of their success in recovery from addiction from the work that they accomplished in group therapy.

Quality addiction treatment centers will have a trained medical professional, certified addiction professional or therapist that facilitate each group therapy session that occurs at takes place at their facility. During group therapy individuals have the comfort of being around other addicts who can provide a great deal of support for each other during the early stages of recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. In addition, individuals in group therapy who are further along in their recovery then other participants will be able to lead by example by showing that one day at a time recovery from addiction is possible. They will also be able to give advice and suggestions to those with less sobriety time on how they were able to get through similar scenarios. It allows its clients to give each other feedback. Most importantly it is important to recognize that in order to achieve long term sobriety from drugs and alcohol there is a need for ongoing support. The bonds that are formed during group therapy can provide for a lifetime of support and friendships that are essential for sobriety to be maintained.

Addiction treatment offers a well tailored treatment schedule that is going to play a vital role in supporting its clients get through the very early stages of their recovery. For most clients group therapy is going to provide the most comfort, support and inspiration needed during the potentially trying times of early recovery.

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