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August 16, 2012

marijuana growing

Game Portrays Growing Pot as ‘Cool’

Recently, alcohol has been using social online media as a means of advertising for sales. Now, marijuana supporters have enlisted Facebook to promote a “Pot Farm” game. Never fear, I did some research to bring you up-to-date information on this game.

  1. Pot Farm is an interactive game, like Farmville, which will probably also become equally as addictive. However, the underlying message in Pot Farm is more harmful.
  1. Privacy and rules state that no one under the age of 13 should be playing this game; yet, it seems that this slapstick humor is geared for the younger minded individual. Parents beware: There is no way for the creators of this game to monitor your kids.
  1. Characters consist of a grungy hippie and a tied dyed t-shirt guy who executes the planting, including buying and selling directions. Both of these characters are stereotypes, which people may associate with smoking pot.
  1. Achievement is given by awards and coins earned for good crop growth. Products can be purchased with your ‘pot revenue’, which consists of a hot lamp, wine, different types of pot plants, and nachos – just to name a few.

The concern that I have with this game is that it may influence kids who think that growing and selling pot is as easy as seen on the computer, or worse they can get away with it. There are no warnings or consequences illustrated about what may happen if you get caught selling pot or the impact chronic pot use may have on your health. This is one game/site that should have a disclaimer.
Do you think there should be some type of  monitoring system in place to regulate or even remove games like these? Share your thoughts with us.

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