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December 30, 2010

Dual Diagnosis Help

Oftentimes individuals who struggle with alcohol and drug addiction fall under the category of dual diagnosis. Dual Diagnosis is a person that has the disease of addiction along with a co-occurring psychiatric illness. Depression and bipolar disorder are examples of psychiatric illnesses. Nearly forty percent of all addicts are also plagued with a mental illness. In order to recovery from a dual diagnosis disorder a dual diagnosis treatment center is going to be needed.

A dual diagnosis treatment center will have certified addiction professionals that are experienced in treating individuals who are dually diagnosed. When treating dually diagnosed patients it is important that both the disease of addiction and a person’s mental illness are treated. The two diseases need to be treated independently if an individual is going to be able to achieve long term sobriety. Having to cope with alcohol and drug addiction is never easy and it is with out a doubt more difficult when having to deal with a mental illness as well. By getting the proper treatment through a dual diagnosis treatment center it is very possible to recover from both addiction and mental illness. A dual diagnosis treatment center provides the help, guidance and support that are essential to recover from dual diagnosis.

For the individual that struggles with both addiction and some other co-occurring psychiatric disorder a dual diagnosis treatment center can help. The professionals that work at a dual diagnosis treatment are trained specifically to help clients and will be able to provide the support, guidance and structure needed to begin living a life free of chemical dependency.

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