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Heroin Drug Use Continues To Climb Among Young Adults

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Published: September 2, 2016

Small quiet towns and upper middle-income suburbs have a new thief to worry about. Its name is heroin. One by one, young people are succumbing to its blackmail, just to be able to function. Not unlike an animal that tastes blood for the first time, the heroin drug first paralyzes its victim with ecstasy while slowly taking control of vital physical organs.

How It Works

The heroin drug is classified as an opiate and is a byproduct of morphine. For centuries, morphine has been used as a narcotic for moderate to severe pain. When carefully monitored, morphine can aid in making a patient feel more comfortable after an accident or surgery. Altering the body’s perception of pain by binding to opiate receptors in the brain, the body is given the opportunity to heal without experiencing a high level of pain.

Use as a Recreational Drug

Heroin use has more than doubled among young adults ages 18–25 in the past decade. It’s perceived that many young adults don’t intend to become regular users, but this morphine-based drug is easily obtainable and quickly works its way into the central nervous system. By the time that an individual makes the decision to stop, the body fights back. Because street drugs cannot be regulated, uncontrolled doses of heroin are often taken, increasing the craving even more.

A New Crisis Unfolding

Heroin is a dangerous drug that can steal the life of young people. Future plans for education, careers and family life can be crushed in a short amount of time. Overdoses, resulting in death, have surpassed the number of deaths caused by car accidents for the first time in history. Fighting this crisis is paramount in protecting our youth. Detoxification from the heroin drug is a grueling ordeal. Without professional help, the relapse rate is very high. Lakeview Health, a premier, gender-responsive treatment facility in Jacksonville, Florida, offers a sensible alternative to kicking the heroin habit on your own. There’s no magic pill that can bring back your life from drug addiction, but this residential treatment facility has the expertise and professionalism to deliver great results for men and women. Medication management, mood stabilization, relapse prevention and continuous monitoring by trained professionals give patients an opportunity to move back into a normal life without depending on drugs. Family programs and group therapy are also part of the 12-step program. Once the program has been completed, an alumni program that includes monthly recovery activities with friends and family provide social skills for extended support. Addiction to heroin can’t be ignored. The ramifications of continued use never has a good ending. Call (866) 704-7692 if you or a loved one is suffering from this debilitating disease and start living again.

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