How Self-Care Can Relate to Addiction Recovery

man in need of self care for addiction recovery

How Self-Care Can Relate to Addiction Recovery

By Lakeview Health
Lakeview Health
Published: December 20, 2020

How important is self-care when it comes to addiction recovery? When you work through therapy and you start on the path of addiction recovery, you may feel pretty good physically. Your mind is clear. Your hopes and goals are high. Yet, if you do not invest in taking care of yourself, you could find yourself overwhelmed and even consumed with frustration. This can lead to relapse. At Lakeview Health, we provide tools to help you overcome these challenges.

Why Self-Care Matters

In addiction recovery, it is important to balance your emotional, mental, and physical health to ensure that you don’t face complications, too much stress, or limitations on your future. For example, during addiction recovery, you may find yourself worried and stressed about a variety of things. If you don’t work on reducing that stress in some way, it may cause you to start thinking about using again.

You also don’t have to wait until there is a high level of stress or fear present to take action. Rather, self-care is the practice of keeping these feelings at bay through routine and consistent methods. The more you engage in effective self-care, the more likely you’ll achieve the health goals you have set for yourself.

How to Practice Self-Care During Addiction Recovery

What does self-care really mean? For most people, this is a personal decision in terms of what you use or how you do it. It is always wise to work closely with your addiction treatment team to find the right balance for your situation. However, here are a few examples of effective self-care for you.

  • Stay connected with other people in recovery. This helps to build your confidence and provides an outlet for you.
  • Stay mindful of what you’re thinking about and take action to change negative thoughts.
  • Step away from family and friends to rejuvenate when you need to – take care of you.
  • Eat and sleep well – keep a routine in place to minimize any of the risks of complications to your health.
  • Get in exercise. It’s always important to keep your body working.
  • Balance work and life, ensuring you have some downtime on a routine basis.

When you engage in self-care like this, you give your body and brain the ability to manage whatever stressors come your way. You empower yourself to feel better and heal in between bouts of frustration or periods of high anxiety.

Know When You Need More Help in Addiction Recovery

One of the most important components of self-care in addiction recovery is recognizing what’s happening to you and taking action right away to manage it. If you are thinking about addiction or feeling overwhelmed with frustrations right now, it’s essential to act on that. That may mean reaching out to friends and family for support.

However, there may be times when you need more than that – and it is okay to find yourself needing more therapy. It’s a sign of healing and mental well-being when you can recognize this need and embrace it. Our team is here to help you at any time. When you are facing challenges and feel as though it is getting to be too much for you, reach out for help. At Lakeview Health, we can do this through programs such as:

Explore the Treatment Options Available to You at Lakeview Health

When it comes to self-care, acting now can make a big difference. Our team at Lakeview Health can provide you with the tools and resources to help you overcome your addiction and reclaim your health. To learn more about addiction recovery methods or to get help now, reach out to us online today or call us at 866.704.7692.