How to Be a Supportive Sibling During Addiction Recovery
By: Lakeview Health Staff
Published: November 3, 2020

If you recently found out that your brother or sister is starting an addiction recovery program, you are likely to wonder how you can be a supportive sibling during this process. Most people want to help loved ones when they are dealing with a difficult situation. Here are some ways you can be supportive when a relative is dealing with an addiction.

Be Positive Rather Than Focus On The Negative

It is important to provide your sibling with a caring attitude rather than one that makes your loved one feel terrible for their problem. Most people stay away from others who ridicule and provide putdowns instead of positive conversation. If you make your sibling feel as if you disapprove of their behavior instead of focusing upon the fact that they are trying to recover, they may avoid you altogether. Positivity goes a long way when helping someone who is struggling with addiction.

Offer To Be There For Group Sessions If Provided

If a recovery center offers group therapy sessions to clients, there is a possibility that they have sessions available for family members as well. These group sessions allow those who love the person with the addiction learn how they are feeling, and what difficulties they are bound to experience while going through a recovery program. The sessions are held with the person struggling with addiction, so they are able to convey their feelings about their condition with loved ones in a controlled setting.

Be Someone Who Will Listen

People struggling with addictions are often afraid to speak up about their concerns regarding their condition. To help a sibling, be someone who will listen rather than someone who scolds and provides negative feedback. These actions could cause your sibling to distance themselves from you rather than open up about their difficulties. If you listen regularly, your sibling is more apt to talk to you about their struggles so you can provide them with your insight on how to handle them without turning toward addictive behavior.

Instill Trust With Your Loved One

Trust goes a long way when it comes to addictive behavior. Be a trustworthy listener as a way to support a sibling with an addiction. As a supportive sibling, do not rush out to talk about your brother or sister’s difficulties with other family members. While you certainly have a right to be concerned about your sibling’s troubles, sharing information with others is likely to concern your sibling if it is done without their consent.

Consider Taking A Tour With Your Sibling

If your sibling indicated they would like to try rehabilitation for their addiction, be a supportive person by offering to go on tours of potential rehabilitation facilities with your loved one. This gives your sibling moral support in their endeavor toward bettering their life. Discuss the benefits of each facility with your sibling to help them come to a decision regarding where they wish to receive treatment.

If your sibling has indicated they are ready for rehabilitation for an addiction, or if you are interested in visiting a facility to find out more about how the treatment works, consider contacting Lakeview Health as a way of helping loved ones. Some of our programs include:

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