How To Determine Your Addiction Rehab Needs

group determining their addiction rehab needs

How To Determine Your Addiction Rehab Needs

By Lakeview Health
Lakeview Health
Published: November 18, 2020

Addiction rehab needs differ from person to person. You may have a different type of drug addiction or need a unique rehab style to reach your needs. At Lakeview Health, we offer an addiction rehab that aims to provide comprehensive services to all of those in need. Yet, it’s still important for you to know what to expect when choosing a rehab center.

What Type of Addiction Rehab Setting Is Right for You?

A good place to start when it comes to rehab is choosing the right style of rehab. Numerous programs exist and while each one has its place in providing quality care, not all fit everyone’s long-term or short-term needs. Here is a look at a few things to consider.

Detox Services

Do you need detox? If you’ve used drugs for a long time or you’ve used highly addictive drugs, rehab starts with detox. During detox, your body works to remove the chemicals and toxins from it while you receive comprehensive care and support. We offer a medical detox center. That means we are able to provide medications and monitor your health during your detox. Detox is necessary if you are actively using and cannot stop. Learn more about it include:

Residential Therapy

After detox, most people move into residential therapy. Keep in mind those without detox needs start here in the best-case scenario. In residential care, you’ll be surrounded by other people who understand what you’re going through. You’ll live here for several weeks. During that time, your focus is solely on your needs without any outside influences. Residential therapy also offers the opportunity for you to benefit from dual diagnosis care. If you have an underlying mental health condition like anxiety or depression, we can work on that here, too.

Outpatient Services

In some cases, you may start with outpatient care, or you may progress to it. We offer several program options. The type and level of addiction rehab you need will depend on how well you are able to stick to your goals and work towards your desired outcomes. They differ, also, based on the type of care you will receive. Some options we offer include:

Dealing with Your Specific Addiction Rehab Needs

When considering the various types of treatment programs we offer and which may be best for you, remember to focus on your needs. We also offer programs designed for specific needs, such as for first responders or healthcare professionals. You may have an addiction brought on by underlying and chronic pain. And, as noted, many people benefit from mental health treatment alongside their addiction treatment. These are all services we can offer to you.

How to Choose the Right Care

Addiction rehab needs differ based on many factors. That is why it is best for you to work closely with a team of professionals who can answer your questions. When you visit Lakeview Health, we will provide you with a full assessment and determine what your physical and mental health needs are. From there, we can make recommendations about the best programs for your situation. There are no wrong answers. The only goal here is to ensure you get the extensive care you need to achieve your very best long-term outcome. 

Still Unsure What Type of Help Is Best for You? Call Lakeview Health 

Our addiction rehab is a full-service treatment center. That means the help you need is here. Learn more about your addiction rehab needs and how we can fill them by contacting our team at 866.704.7692. At Lakeview Health, we’re committed to your best outcome.