How We Treat Crystal Meth Addiction
By: Lakeview Health Staff
Published: January 6, 2020

Methamphetamine is so highly addictive that a person can easily get “hooked” the first time that they try it. The drug causes an individual to experience a euphoric high. But as a person becomes more addicted, it also results in them not getting pleasure from anything in life besides the drug. This effect comes about because every time a user takes meth, the drug permanently impairs the pleasure receptors in the brain. And soon, the drug is the only thing that can provide pleasure.

And this is particularly problematic because extended use of methamphetamine can not only result in psychosis. It also causes high blood pressure and can lead to permanent damage to blood vessels that are located in the brain. In this way, meth use can ultimately result in strokes and death.

How We Treat Crystal Meth Addiction

There are several different approaches to treating crystal meth addiction. Entering a detoxification facility, followed by an addiction treatment program, is the most efficient way to treat meth addiction. Without treatment to offer structure and support, meth addiction can be nearly impossible to overcome.

The overall goal of meth addiction treatment is to assist a client in becoming abstinent from the drug. To become drug-free, the patient must learn about what makes them want to abuse methamphetamine. As a result, successful meth addiction treatment will include a treatment plan of cognitive-behavioral therapy with a focus on relapse prevention, motivational interviewing and enhancement therapy. This type of treatment aims to help a patient learn how their thinking can affect both their feelings and actions.

Understanding “Triggers” of Crystal Meth Addiction

The purpose of meth addiction treatment is to teach a patient how to cope with their cravings. It is also the goal to provide them with tools that can prevent relapse. To that end, individual and group therapies are used during treatment. The purpose of these sessions is to give the patient a chance to express and process their feelings. This aspect of the therapy is especially important during the early stages of their recovery. A meth user must become aware of what “triggers” their drug use. Only once that crucial step has been taken can the patient learn how to deal with their specific “triggers.”

Recovering from meth addiction can be very challenging, but it is by no means impossible. For most individuals, an addiction to methamphetamine will require a more prolonged and more intense treatment program than those addicted to other drugs. But a good meth addiction treatment program like the one at Lakeview Health will help a patient set up an extensive support system.

Don’t Go It Alone

At Lakeview Health, we have years of experience treating crystal meth addiction. If you or someone you care about is suffering at the hands of crystal meth, reach out to us online today, or call us at [Direct]. You can take your life back from crystal meth.