How We Treat Crystal Meth Addiction

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August 23, 2010

How We Treat Crystal Meth Addiction


Methamphetamine is a highly addictive drug. Meth can cause an individual to have a general sense of well being. In addition it will increase ones physical activity while decreasing their appetite. Used over an extended period of time methamphetamine can cause high blood pressure and lead to permanent damage to blood vessels that are located in the brain. This can ultimately result in strokes and death.

Crystal meth addiction treatment can be done a number of different ways. Entering a detoxification facility followed by an addiction treatment program is the most efficient way to treat meth addiction. Without treatment to offer structure and support meth addiction can be nearly impossible to overcome. The overall goal of meth addiction treatment is to assist a client to become abstinent from the drug. In order to become drug free, the addict must learn about what makes them want to abuse methamphetamine.  Meth addiction treatment that is successful will include cognitive-behavioral therapy. This type of therapy specifically helps an addict learn how his or her thinking can affect both their feelings and actions. Cognitive-behavioral therapy will lay the foundation for a life-long recovery.

The purpose of meth treatment is to teach an addict how to cope with their cravings as well as teach tools that can prevent relapse. Individual and group therapy are used during treatment.  The purpose of these therapy sessions is to give the addict the chance to express and process the feelings that they are having during the early stages of their recovery. It is imperative that an addict learns and becomes aware of what “triggers” their drug use. After an addict becomes aware of what “triggers” their drug abuse then steps can be taken to teach the addict how to deal with their specifics “triggers”.

Recovering from meth addiction can be very challenging but by no means is impossible. For most individual’s addiction to methamphetamine is going to require a longer and more intense treatment program then those addicted to other drugs. A good meth addiction treatment program will help an addict set up a support system. One of the most common support groups that is offered to all addicts are twelve-step programs.

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