Indecent Exposure: Everyone is Potential Paparazzi!

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August 24, 2012

Prince Harry Las Vegas

Alcohol and Bad Judgment

How many embarrassing photos do you have of yourself when you were clearly making all your best decisions drunk? Apparently Prince Harry decided that it was totally fine for his newly made girlfriends, from the hotel pool, to bring their cell phones in the room while they played strip poker. It’s always funny looking back at photos during the playful experimentation days of using, but what about the more shaming photos?
Aside from the photo being amusing, I believe that the royal family is more mortified than he is. This photo reminds me of the shame that we experience from situations that we would not be participating in had we been sober. I don’t know if Prince Harry has an alcohol problem but I do know that this is definitely a case of bad judgment. I believe when photos surface that have this many consequences attached to it, it may be a good time to make some changes..
While some of us may have been impacted enough to seek treatment from embarrassing photos, others just become more infuriated. Imagine if we didn’t live in a world where our cameras were actually our cell phones…oh yeah the 1980’s. I guess a lot of us would have avoided some of the embarrassing, “I wish we didn’t have that on camera” experiences. I think this will definitely be a camera situation that Prince Harry will think twice about next time.

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