Inpatient Treatment is Where Recovery Can Happen

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Inpatient Treatment is Where Recovery Can Happen

By Lakeview Health
Lakeview Health
Published: February 6, 2020

Every individual facing addiction issues is different. For starters, each person has their own complicated background, choice of drug/substance, severity of addiction and even support systems. Thus, each individual needs an addiction treatment program that conforms to their needs. For patients with more severe addictions, however, a useful first step is medical detox in an inpatient treatment center.

What is an Inpatient Treatment Center?

Simply put, an inpatient treatment center is a care facility in which a patient stays around the clock. An inpatient treatment center provides patients with twenty-four-hour supervision and support. At inpatient treatment, there is always someone on staff who can talk to provide guidance and support no matter what time of day it is.

At Lakeview Health, we offer all levels of care, from residential treatment to aftercare programs. But we also recognize that for many patients, they are designed to fit together. It is often the case, for instance, that patient begins with medical detoxification. This process can be dangerous, which is why it’s important for it to be overseen by a medical professional.

The Benefits of a Residential Treatment Center

An inpatient treatment center is often the right choice for a patient who has tried to get sober on their own and failed. Some of the advantages of inpatient treatment are:

  • Residential treatment centers offer more intensive therapy and counseling than an outpatient program can.
  • Patients will be surrounded by other patients – helping to build a supportive community. Having a strong support network of individuals who know what you are going through can be a great advantage in recovery. This is because the relationships patients form with peers in inpatient treatment can be instrumental in maintaining long-term abstinence from alcohol and drugs.
  • Residential treatment centers allow clients to escape the pressures of everyday life so that they can focus solely on recovering from addiction.
  • An inpatient treatment center provides patients with a disciplined, structured approach to recovery. It can be next to impossible to find that level of structure outside of an inpatient facility.
  • Residential treatment centers can provide specialized programs for your recovery needs. For example, a chronic pain recovery program addresses your recovery needs that stem from chronic pain. A rehab for professionals program takes into account the needs of executives, doctors, lawyers, and other professionals, so each individual receives the care that they need.

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The disease of addiction should not be taken lightly. Looking for the proper treatment is a decision that should be well thought out. It is important to find an inpatient treatment center that provides each client with an individual treatment plan that specifically caters to their needs and wants to give them the best chance at gaining long-term sobriety.

Dealing with the challenges of everyday life while trying to get sober can be nearly impossible. Inpatient treatment centers like the one at Lakeview Health offer the refuge, guidance, and support that is needed to start a life-changing journey in sobriety. Contact Lakeview Health today online, or call us at 866.704.7692 to begin your journey.