Is a Drug Rehab Program in Lawrenceville, GA My Only Option?

By: Lakeview Health Staff
Published: February 12, 2020

When looking for a drug rehab program in Lawrenceville, GA, you may need more than just a local option. By beginning the search for a quality rehabilitation program, you have taken an important first step. But the essential thing is that you find a center that helps you to get sober successfully. If you are serious about getting help, a drug rehab program in Lawrenceville, GA, might not be your best choice. It is certainly not your only option. By exploring some other options, most of which are not in Lawrenceville, you can find the help you need.

Should I Enroll in a Drug Rehab Program in Lawrenceville, GA?

Unfortunately, a drug rehab program in Lawrenceville, GA, might not be the best choice in your particular case. One of the most enduring myths about addiction is that each individual can be treated in the same way. But each person suffering from addiction is different. And their treatment should be different too. The most important thing is finding a program that works well for your needs. It might make sense to get help in your local area. But this is only the case if the program there has the right services. And if it doesn’t, then you need to find one that does.

In addition to the range of services, it can be a good idea not to get treatment close to where you live. Addiction is, in many sense, driven by habit and routine. In some regards, a residential treatment program could be anywhere in the world, because you live there while being treated. But for the majority of the recovery process, it might be useful for you not to be around people or places that could trigger a relapse. This aspect is certainly worth considering when deciding whether to enroll in a drug rehab program in Lawrenceville, GA.

Dual Diagnosis and Gender-Specific Treatment

Two of the approaches that you should be looking for when you seek a drug rehab program in Lawrenceville, GA, are dual diagnosis and gender-specific treatment.

The theory behind dual diagnosis is straightforward. A drug rehab program should now only focus on treating the outward effects of addiction. It should also treat the mental issues that lead to and fuel that addiction. Dual diagnosis treatment is, unfortunately, not as common as it should be. But medical professionals have known for some time that patients with depression, PTSD, and anxiety are prone to addiction. Treating these conditions in tandem with the dependency has been demonstrated to make relapse far less likely.

It should also come as no surprise that men and women experience addiction in different ways. It follows that addiction treatment centers should tailor their approach by gender. Patients and counselors alike report that recovering in a gender-specific environment helps. Not only do individuals feel freer to speak their minds, but they also can better address their specific issues. In a gender-specific program, patients get feedback from people of their gender who know what they are going through. Such programs are also a great way to develop a strong network of peers, which is vital for recovery.

Instead of only looking for a drug rehab program in Lawrenceville, GA, look for a program with these options.

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