Is Addiction Hereditary?

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September 14, 2010

Is Addiction Hereditary?


Over the years there has been a constant debate on whether or not addiction is a disease. Some feel that those who suffer from addiction are genetically predisposed while others feel that those who struggle with addiction are products of their environment or may have a weakness in their character or judgment. However, the debate on why alcohol or drug abuse takes place is not what’s really important. For whatever reason that addiction to drugs or alcohol has started the important thing is to find help before it is too late. If the proper help is not found in a timely fashion addiction to drugs and alcohol can result in numerous health issues and commonly lead to death.

One thing that is for sure is that whether or not addiction is a disease it definitely does not discriminate against age, sex, nationality, socio-economic class… Whether the suffering addict is millionaire white collared business man or a homeless person living on the street neither one is likely to be able to stop the downward cycle of their addiction without some sort of professional help. For most addiction treatment is going to be the best form of help that they can find.

Addiction treatment provides its clients with a safe place away from any temptations to abuse drugs and alcohol. This is pertinent during the early stages of recovery as the mental obsession for drugs and alcohol can be overwhelming. During a stay at addiction treatment clients will work with therapist in both group and individual settings. This proves to be extremely beneficial as it will allow them to process their past and what may have been causing them to abuse drugs and alcohol. For many there may be another disorder such as depression or bipolar disorder that is fueling their addiction. If this is the case a quality addiction treatment center will address that issue as well.

No one is above addiction to drugs and alcohol no matter what their background is. Why someone may not be able to control whether or not they become addicted to drugs and alcohol they do have control on whether or not they get help for their addiction. The sooner help is sought out the better chance that an individual will be able to overcome their addiction.

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