Is Addiction Hereditary?

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Is Addiction Hereditary?

By Lakeview Health
Lakeview Health
Published: January 1, 2020

Is Addiction Hereditary?

Over the years, there has been a constant debate on whether or not addiction is a disease. Some feel that those who suffer from addiction are genetically predisposed, while others think that they are products of their environment or may have a weakness in their character or judgment. 

In recent years, institutions like the Mayo Clinic and the American Psychological Association have determined that addiction is a disease. And researchers at Harvard University have acknowledged that there is a great deal of evidence for a connection between our genetics and a predisposition for addiction. However, the debate on why alcohol or drug abuse takes place is not what’s important. Whatever the reason a patient has begun an addiction to drugs or alcohol, the critical thing is to find help before it is too late. If someone suffering from addiction issues does not find the proper assistance in a timely fashion, addiction to drugs and alcohol can result in numerous health issues and commonly lead to death. 

The Importance of Getting Help

One thing that is certain is that whether or not addiction is a disease, it does not discriminate against age, sex, nationality, or socio-economic class. Whether the person suffering is a millionaire, white-collar businessman, or a homeless person, neither one is likely to be able to stop the downward cycle of their addiction without some sort of professional help. 

For most, addiction treatment is going to be the best form of help that they can find. Addiction treatment provides its clients with a safe place away from any temptations to abuse drugs and alcohol. This is especially pertinent during the early stages of recovery when the mental obsession with drugs and alcohol can be overwhelming. 

A Therapeutic Approach

During a stay at an addiction treatment center, clients will work with a therapist in both group and individual settings. This has proven to be an extremely beneficial approach as it allows them to process their past and to reflect on what might have been causing them to abuse drugs and alcohol. For many patients, there may be another disorder such as depression or bipolar disorder that is fueling their addiction. When this is the case, a quality addiction treatment center will address that issue as well in a process called “dual diagnosis.” 

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No one is above addiction to drugs and alcohol, no matter what their background is. While an individual may not be able to control whether or not they become addicted to drugs and alcohol, they do have control over whether they get help for their addiction. The sooner they seek help, the better the chance that an individual will be able to overcome their addiction.

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