Is Alcohol and Drug Addiction Destroying Your Life?

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February 07, 2013

alcohol and drug addiction

Don’t You Think It’s Time for a Change?

Addiction interferes with your relationships, health, finances and your sanity.  It causes people in your life to feel betrayed, cheated and disconnected from you. You have more arguments, misunderstandings and you end up feeling alone. Continuing substance abuse seems like the easiest way to decreases stress, frustration and unwanted feelings. You can’t seem to find a lifesaver to help you stop drowning.
Substance abuse becomes increasingly difficult to hide and to hide from. You have tried to cut back, create rules and monitor your substance abuse but it always escalates and gets out of control. And even though you have tried to stop using drugs and alcohol on your own in the past, you always start again. Addiction creates depression and anxiety, which are overwhelming feelings that you can’t seem to escape. You feel like the cloud that hangs over your head is becoming heavier and darker. You need help.
Lakeview Health Systems understands and knows how to help you. Our dedicated staff of doctors, nurses and therapists will help you eliminate addiction and resolve depression, anxiety, relationships issues and financial concerns and stabilize your mood. Watch our video and see how our addiction rehab center can help you find freedom from addiction.
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