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January 11, 2013

Christians and alcohol

How Much Is Too Much?

A 2010 poll about church clergy and alcohol use suggested that 2 out of every 5 evangelical leaders drink alcohol. “Many of those who do drink alcohol are doing so in moderation, infrequently and on special occasion,” the Christian Post reported. The Bible story of Jesus turning water into wine at Cana can become a ready-made excuse for some drinkers. With enough excuses, there may be a stronger relationship with alcohol and alcohol rehab may be warranted. The question remains: Is any amount of alcohol bad for Christians?
I believe drinking alcohol is not an unpardonable sin and that every Christian must make a decision about alcohol. I do know that in the Bible, several verses say drunkenness is unacceptable, but nowhere does it say not to drink alcohol at all. We are human and susceptible to temptation, even if you are a pastor, elder or clergy. There is a fine line between drinking responsibly and overindulgence. I think that Ephesians 5:18 explains this concept while emphasizing the importance of being filled instead with the Holy Spirit. As Christians we should not allow our body, mind and spirit to be controlled by something as toxic as alcohol.
Our Christian alcohol rehab center has been created with the understanding that Christians need specialized alcohol rehab. Alcoholism has a spiritual deficit component to it. The more you move away from your relationship with God, the more you allow yourself to compromise boundaries that you have set.
When you were using, did your relationship with God suffer? Tell us how you got your relationship back on track with God. Your comments may help a fellow struggling Christian. Post your comments on our Facebook page.

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