Is Alcohol Withdrawal Dangerous? What You Need to Know

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Is Alcohol Withdrawal Dangerous? What You Need to Know

By Lakeview Health
Lakeview Health
Published: November 23, 2019

People experiencing alcoholism may ask, “is alcohol withdrawal dangerous?” almost every day. This concern is understandable. Many avoid quitting because they are worried about withdrawal. Unfortunately, the dangers of withdrawal have often caused many to keep drinking and hurting their bodies. Unfortunately, those who try to quit cold turkey may find these dangers are even more potent. Some may also go into a coma or die. As a result, a residential treatment center in Jacksonville, FL, may be necessary.

Is Alcohol Withdrawal Dangerous?

Alcohol withdrawal occurs when a person stops ingesting alcohol. Withdrawal happens specifically in those who have a physical addiction. Onset varies by person. Some experience symptoms within an hour or two others after 12 hours. The reactions can be quite potent and even dangerous. As alcohol is a depressant, the body often reacts heavily without it. For example, a person may find that their body becomes hyperactive or overactive during withdrawal. This condition can make life very hard to handle.

They may develop headaches, high temperatures, regular sweats, and an inability to control their actions. And, unfortunately, withdrawal can last for days. Though an individual may come out of this state just fine, others may not. Therefore, the dangers are often too high to tolerate. So, is alcohol withdrawal dangerous? Without a doubt. But is it deadly?

Is Alcohol Withdrawal Deadly?

When asking, “is alcohol withdrawal dangerous?” you must know the extent of its danger. In many cases, people may develop delirium tremens or DTs due to alcohol abuse. This problem develops when the body withdraws heavily from alcohol. While not everybody with alcoholism experiences this problem, many do. When it occurs, you will experience:

  • Intense feverish reactions – A lack of water and electrolytes may cause sweating and fevers
  • Anxiety – Many people with this condition because quite restless and irritable
  • Psychological concerns – Hallucinations are familiar with this condition
  • Delirium – Often, people with this condition experienced excitable energy that is hard to control
  • Heart problems – A racing heart, high blood pressure, and more are all standard with this condition
  • Sleep issues – Some people may have trouble falling asleep when they get the DTs

Unfortunately, many incidents of coma have occurred due to delirium tremens. Even worse, people have died experiencing these severe reactions. So, is alcohol withdrawal dangerous and even deadly? Yes. That doesn’t mean that you have to keep abusing alcohol. Instead, you can get treatment for this condition. Doing so will help you take control of your life. You can also beat addiction for good.

Is It Treatable?

So, is alcohol withdrawal deadly or impossible to treat? Thankfully, no. High-quality alcohol rehab can provide the care that you need. For example, detoxification can get alcohol out of your system without triggering the DTs. In this way, you can recover without fear. However, addiction therapy is about more than withdrawal. You’ll also receive:

  • Skilled counseling – Identify any traits that cause you to abuse alcohol
  • Medical help – Treat diseases or health problems alcoholism may have triggered
  • Nutritional care – Get back into shape with a healthy diet
  • Emotional management – Manage any psychological problems triggered by alcohol addiction
  • Behavioral care – Dual-diagnosis and cognitive behavioral therapy can help manage triggering incidents
  • Holistic treatments – Manage your whole body and its many addiction needs using holistic care treatment options

By going through these detailed and beneficial care options, you can manage your addiction. Just as importantly, you can avoid withdrawal. So, is alcohol withdrawal dangerous? It doesn’t have to be for you. With the help of your treatment experts, you can walk away free from addiction forever. Don’t be afraid to take that first step to regain your life. The battle is winnable and worth the struggle.

Alcohol Withdrawal Availability in Jacksonville, Florida

At Lakeview Health, we provide gender-specific care that is appropriate for a large number of different individuals. Our individualized care can help answer “is alcohol withdrawal dangerous?” in a positive way. Our detox, medical assessment, and dual-diagnosis all help you recover. So please call us at 866.704.7692 today to learn more about our care. And verify your insurance to make sure you are covered.