Addiction and Your Loved Ones

couple learning about the connection between her addiction and your loved ones

Addiction and Your Loved Ones

By Lakeview Health
Lakeview Health
Published: April 27, 2020

When someone you’re close to is struggling with an alcohol addiction, you know that he or she is not the only one in pain. You worry about the person. You are anxious for your loved one to seek help, and it hurts to think about what could happen if he or she doesn’t. When you’re the individual in need of an alcohol addiction treatment program, it can be hard to see the connection between your addiction and your loved ones. However, realizing that your alcohol addiction is hurting the ones you care about the most can be the push you need to seek help.

Addiction and Your Loved Ones – Ensuring Everyone is Cared For

Not only does the individual need help from addiction treatment programs, but the family also needs support as well. There are multiple sources and support groups available for families of someone with an addiction. Al-Anon is directed toward family and friends of alcoholics. There is also a group for adolescents, called Alateen, who have an addicted relative and are looking to find comfort. These groups are open to the public and can be found in most cities. They provide information about addiction and hope for families.

There is also help through the family therapy program of their addiction treatment center. This therapy program allows family members to participate in respectful, effective communication. When someone is showing signs of alcohol addiction, it can be challenging to speak with them about their problem. Strong emotions of resentment, hurt, betrayal, and distrust can create harmful and destructive conversations. A therapist through a family program will act as a mediator and facilitator to ensure communication stays respectful. Through these conversations, you learn how your addiction and your loved ones have been so closely related. You also learn the importance of repairing these broken relationships.

Coping Mechanisms for Loved Ones

Emotions can wear you out. Distress and anger can easily overcome you, but they can be managed. When you’re feeling like this, it means that your brain isn’t getting enough oxygen. Use breathing techniques to send more oxygen to your brain, which will help you relax. Also, be active. Do things for yourself, even if it’s cleaning the house, organizing your closet, or running errands—do whatever keeps you busy. It doesn’t have to involve a lot of physical energy, so if you’d like, write or draw. While time is spent worrying about your loved one struggling with alcohol addiction, it’s important to take care of yourself as well.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment at Lakeview Health

When you’re ready to understand the connection between your addiction and your loved ones, turn to Lakeview Health for help. Our residential treatment center in Jacksonville, Florida offers a safe and healing environment for those struggling with alcohol addiction.

Along with alcohol addiction, we also offer a variety of following substance abuse treatment programs, including:

We provide a family support program that helps the loved ones of our clients heal from their experiences with addiction. We believe that one of your largest areas of support both during and after treatment is your family, which is why we aim to help loved ones reconnect and heal together.

Along with residential treatment, we also provide outpatient services and aftercare options to ensure our clients remain supported throughout their recovery journey.
Learn how addiction and your loved ones are connected and how Lakeview Health can help you bridge the divide that has formed from addiction today. Contact Lakeview Health today by calling 866.704.7692.

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