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Jacksonville, Florida Offers Sun and Addiction Treatment

Blog » Drug & Alcohol Rehab » Jacksonville, Florida Offers Sun and Addiction Treatment
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August 04, 2010

Jacksonville, Florida Offers Sun and Addiction Treatment


My help came in the form of addiction treatment in Jacksonville, Florida. Being from upstate New York, this was a nice change. Not only did addiction treatment provide me with the guidance and support I needed to recover, but it also offered me sun. The sun wasn’t as important as everything else that addiction treatment offered my mind, body, and spirit, but it was a great bonus. At a point in my life when everything seemed gloomy and grey, the sunny weather was welcome.

Traveling to Florida for addiction treatment was the absolute best thing I ever did for myself. The therapist and certified addiction professionals that I worked with literally saved my life. With them, I worked through past issues of mine that ultimately fueled my alcohol and drug addiction. Leaving my hometown allowed me to escape the drama and chaos surrounding me and concentrate solely on my recovery. Treatment in Jacksonville helped me to build a strong foundation to support me getting and staying sober. Treatment gave me a new life that I didn’t even dream was possible.

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