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JetBlue Airplane Fishbowl

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January 26, 2012

JetBlue Airplane Fishbowl


A man traveling from Ft. Lauderdale to New Jersey is facing charges for allegedly smoking pot in the bathroom on his JetBlue flight.  Flight attendants became suspicious when Adam Blumenkranz dropped a plastic bag in the cabin of the plane and then emerged from the bathroom with a strong odor resembling that of marijuana.

Blumenkranz was taken into custody once the plane landed in New Jersey.  He told authorities at the airport that he smoked marijuana for medical purposes and has a medical marijuana card.

Even if it was a medically needed prescription, you would think that his doctors would give him medicinal marijuana in a pill form. That is what makes this story so unbelievable, and if he is a chronic pot smoker or addicted to marijuana it would make sense that he thought he could get away with smoking the drug on the airplane. Pot clouds your judgment and decision making skills suffer as a result.

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