Keeping the Faith in Dark Times

Keeping the Faith in Dark Times

By Lakeview Health
Lakeview Health
Published: April 11, 2013

When you’re pushed to your limit, you either give up or you keep pushing forward. For Matthew Warren, the son of Pastor Rick Warren, his cross was too heavy to bear alone and took his life last week. Pastor Warren shared about the pain that his family was going through with his congregation.

Lifetime of Mental Illness

Matthew grew up in Saddleback Church in California, which his parents established. What many in the church were not aware of was that he struggled with bipolar disorder for the majority of his life. The emotional pain and depression he experienced led him to have suicidal thoughts. For a decade before his death, he carried the weight and pain of taking his own life. Although he was surrounded by love and support of his family and the congregation, his bipolar disorder kept him in despair.

Don’t Lose Faith

Mental illness is difficult to manage, for anyone, even Christians. It can be even worse when addiction is added to the mix. Although Matthew didn’t struggle with addiction, his ordeal with mental illness proved just as overwhelming in the end. Christ is there in our struggles, but it’s easy to forget and lose faith. However, a dual diagnosis doesn’t mean that your life is without purpose. Drug rehab with a dual diagnosis treatment component can help you to manage life’s challenges without the use of drugs and alcohol. You must remember that everyone struggles. No matter the battle, with addiction, depression or other demons, God is with you on your journey. His love strengthens and restores you to continue moving forward in life. Want to know more about treatment of addiction and mental health disorders or dual diagnosis? Call Lakeview Health Systems’ addiction specialists at 888-616-0460 and get expert advice on dual diagnosis treatment.