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Lakeview Health Continues Expansion with New Clinical and Experiential Treatments

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Lakeview Health Continues Expansion with New Clinical and Experiential Treatments


Published: March 10, 2014

Lakeview Health has just announced innovative additions to its clinical capabilities that will create one of the most comprehensive addiction programs in the country. These specialized treatments will build off of Lakeview Health’s medical-based rehabilitation model and serve to provide patients with additional tools to successfully treat their disease. “This collection of experiential offerings complements our signature program in important ways,” stated Jamie Stevens, Vice President of Program Services. “As the patient is treated physically, we are now able to address additional underlying issues and build the foundation necessary for long-term sobriety.”

Equine and Recovery Program

Lakeview’s Equine and Recovery Program is offered in cooperation with Lighthorse Behavioral Healthcare and takes advantage of their working therapeutic horse farm in Kingsland, Georgia. Equine therapy, which is a non-riding program, is designed to deepen patients’ understanding of their substance use through engagement with horses and other animals on the farm. Trained horsemanship facilitators who are also licensed in mental health and addiction help patients see parallels between their addiction and recovery and their work with the animals.

Relapse Prevention Group

Those seeking readmission, or “chronic relapsers,” work to identify the triggers that may put them at a higher level of risk. Therapists provide specialized therapeutic tools to engage changes to patient behavior helping them work toward long-term sobriety.

Creative Arts Drama Group

This unique treatment is an expressive therapy that uses guided drama and role playing as a way to work through problems. Participants play different roles and offer support while working to reveal deeper underlying issues. Patients express their feelings in a safe, supportive environment to help improve their relationships and communication skills.

Music Therapy Process Group

Led by a licensed music therapist, the Music Therapy Process Group gives patients the opportunity to become introspective through the use of lyrics, tempo and beat. These innovative tools give them permission to explore and become more comfortable with their feelings and better understand the underlying roots of their chemical dependency.

Gender-Based Recovery Group

Men and women are often affected by both chemical dependency and treatment approaches in different ways. Groups focus on gender-specific issues that contribute to their addiction and provide a forum for communication that is sometimes more comfortable for patients in exploring their recovery.

Healthy Images Group

This specialty group addresses the relationship between food and mood and how body image can contribute to self-medication either with alcohol, drugs or food. The group applies mindfulness-based tools to identify realistic and healthy images that can support long- term recovery. About Lakeview Health Lakeview Health is a nationally recognized addiction treatment facility located in Jacksonville, Florida. Since its founding in 2001, Lakeview has helped countless of individuals and families across the country begin their journey of recovery. Our committed staff is dedicated to helping our clients and their families find their “True North.” Contact: Gina de Peralta Thorne, MS Vice President of Marketing Lakeview Health Systems (904) 899-4536

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