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Lakeview Health Podcast with Calvary Addiction Recovery Center

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Lakeview Health Podcast with Calvary Addiction Recovery Center


Published: April 21, 2016

Lisa Hinson, Director of Business Development at Calvary Addiction Recovery Center sat down with us to talk about Calvary’s program in Phoenix, Arizona. Watch the video podcast below.

To learn more about Calvary Addiction Recovery Center, you can visit their website at Calvary Addiction Recovery Center Podcast Transcript Gina Thorne: Hi everyone, this is Gina Thorne and I’m here today with Lisa Hinson from Calvary Addiction Recovery Center out of Phoenix, Arizona, and welcome to the Lakeview Podcast Series. Lisa, it’s nice to have you here in Jacksonville! Lisa Hinson: Thank you! Gina: And you’re here visiting with us to learn more about our program, but we’re also interested in learning more about Calvary. Calvary has been around since 1964 and I know that you’ve been treating a lot of families and individuals in the Phoenix area, so can you tell us a little about your program? Lisa: Yes! Actually, we originally started as a facility that was down in South Phoenix that was for men only and it was mostly the homeless, alcoholic men. About 10 years ago we moved to Central Phoenix and became an inpatient facility, which really is a transition from residential to inpatient. Meaning that now we have an Addictionologist, we have full-time RNs, we have licensed therapists, and we have behavioral technicians. So we function much more like a hospital-type setting and actually that changed with the needs of the community, too. We added 18 detox beds in a separate detox unit and found that was really necessary due to the heroin epidemic and people used to be in the unit with people from residential and what we discovered is that it really triggered people and it was difficult for people that were in residential, so having a separate unit has made a big difference. There really was a need in the community to have that detox unit. Gina: Good! And you all have a faith-based program with a chaplain full time. So can you tell us a little about that? Lisa: Yes, we do have a traditional 12-step track and then we have a faith-based 12-step track. Everyone does do the traditional 12-steps with Alcoholics Anonymous, but then we have our Christian track that includes morning devotionals, it includes a daily bible study, and we have a pastor that people can sign up to meet with and they will usually do steps 1-3 with the pastor. They can also do that with a therapist, but either way it’s whatever they prefer. It is voluntary, so some people chose to go to morning devotion but then do the Big Book Study versus the bible study. And then we have the pastor come in twice a week and meets with the whole community and answers people’s questions and really just works to help people find a higher power and we’ve received great feedback from that. We do a chapel service also on Sunday’s. Our clinical director, he developed the 12-steps associated with the Life Recovery Bible and it’s a wonderful 12-steps that people work and we give everyone a Life Recovery Bible and they’re able to research that way. We do have a Celebrate Recovery group that comes in and we do that on campus, and we do have our traditional NA, AA, CA, HA, who come to our facility, too. Gina: It’s nice because Lakeview also has a Christian component as well, and what we’ve learned is we have people who come in that may not self-identify as Christian but once they come into the program, they see peers that are engaged with it, so I’m sure you’re seeing some of the same thing where they may not come in thinking they’re looking for a spiritual journey in their recovery, but it sort of evolves through the course of their recovery process. Lisa: Absolutely! That is what we discovered, and a lot of times people will sign in choosing which program they want to do, and often we’ll see that they switch to the Christian track halfway through, so it really does happen that way for us, too. Gina: It’s great and it sounds like you’ve got a great balance and that’s wonderful. If individuals were interested in learning more about Calvary, how would they get in touch with you? Lisa: So it would be or it would be 866-76-SOBER. Gina: Great. Well it was really nice having you here in Jacksonville. Thank you so much! Lisa: Thank you for having me, too! Gina: For those of you that are interested in learning more about Lakeview Health, and you’re looking for treatment right away for a family friend or someone that you know, we invite you to visit us online at, or you can reach us at 866-887-0142. Thank you!

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