Lakeview Health Systems Provides Award Winning Drug Rehab Program

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October 13, 2010

Lakeview Health Systems Provides Award Winning Drug Rehab Program


Searching for a drug and alcohol rehab program is a strenuous and overwhelming process. Different rehab programs around the country provide different services that may or may not be suitable for a particular client. It is important that when looking for a drug and alcohol rehab an individual finds one that will cater to their specific needs.

Lakeview Health Systems located in Jacksonville, Florida is a nationally recognized drug rehab and alcohol treatment center. The treatment at Lakeview health specializes in drug addiction, alcoholism and dual diagnosis disorders. Upon entering Lakeview trained medical professionals will do a full assessment with each patient at which time an individual treatment plan is put together for each client. This proves to be extremely helpful to clients as every suffering addict and alcoholic is unique and have different needs and wants that need to be met.

At Lakeview Health every client will begin their drug and alcohol rehab by going through a detoxification process. This detox is overlooked around the clock by medical staff to assure that the patients are as comfortable as possible. Lakeview believes that the detoxification process needs to be done properly if the rest of a treatment experience is gong to be effective and worthwhile. Once detoxification is complete at Lakeview Health an individual will no longer suffer from physiological cravings for drugs or alcohol allowing the client to be able to focus all of their energy on the psychological aspect of the disease of addiction.

The drug and alcohol rehab program offered at Lakeview Health will have clients work with therapist in both individual and group settings. Both are equally important.  Individual therapy will allow clients to process more intimate details of their drug and alcohol abuse, such as why they were abusing alcohol or drugs. In addition individual therapy will work with each client on repairing emotional damage that was done as a result of their addiction. Group therapy is very beneficial as it allows the clients to talk openly with others who are experiencing similar issues. Group therapy allows clients to discuss any cravings or difficulties with others who are also in early recovery. Of course these group therapy sessions are facilitated by trained medical professionals, therapists and certified addiction professionals.

The disease of addiction should not be taken lightly. A quality rehab program can be the difference between life and death. Choosing a rehab program that best suits an addict or alcoholics needs is going to be one of the most important decisions a suffering addict or alcoholic is going to make in their life time.

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