Lakeview Health Trainers Support Your #SWOLEBRIETY

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November 12, 2016

The Lakeview Health Wellness Center recently started a Facebook page. This was created with our alumni in mind! Our Wellness Team’s goal is to have a place where our Lakeview trainers can continue to provide you with fitness and nutrition related motivation, education, and information.

The hashtag #SWOLEBRIETY was created to represent your new healthy lifestyle in sobriety. We ask that you use it when making any fitness or nutrition based posts on social media to continue to connect with us. Please feel free to contact the Lakeview trainers by posting on the Wellness Center Facebook page or sending us a private message with any of your health and fitness related needs. If you need new workout ideas or are having trouble eating healthy, we are here to help! We treasured the experience of working with each one of you as you embraced a healthier lifestyle in treatment and we hope to continue that journey in the next phase of your life.  We’re looking forward to staying connected! Check out the Wellness Center Facebook page now!

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