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October 25, 2012

emotional growth

How Did You Wind up Here?

Do you ever feel like you are moving but when you look down you really have gone nowhere? I was speaking with a fellow addict who painted a picture for me. He said, “I feel like I am going in one direction but when I get there I have no idea where I am. So I go toward another direction but the same thing happens.” I dread the feeling of being lost or feeling like you have no idea where you are. Physically it may be easy to recognize and change your direction, but psychologically it is a whole other story.
You basically do all the right things: recovery, work, school, counseling, active partner in marriage. All roads go somewhere but what is the end result? Maybe feeling like you are lost has to do with motivation. Why are you doing all the right things? If things don’t work out how you planned, is that when you feel lost? The underlying motivation seems to propel us toward goals and it seems that we must be flexible with the return outcome in order to not feel lost.
You are lost when you are unable to recognize where you are. In order to remain pointed in the right direction, we must be able to accept what is not in our control and adjust plans accordingly. Maybe it’s not about being lost but being able to understand our own growth process and changes that we must make to continue moving forward.
How do you find your direction when feeling lost? Share with us your comments below or post your comments on our Facebook page.

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