Love Your Recovery: It’s Almost Valentine’s Day!

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February 12, 2016


love-your-recoveryValentine’s Day is almost here, and for people in recovery it can be a stressful holiday. The stores are full of those red cards, and every other commercial on TV seems to suggest to the male part of the population that it’s time to go out and buy some jewelry. 

But what if nobody wants to be your Valentine? How are you going to handle that? Recovery ishard workevery single day, even without social pressures of this kind.

Don’t stress out about buying the right card or a box of chocolates. Instead, use the opportunity to get in touch with people you love and who care about you and support your recovery.

And remember, your greatest gift to the people you love is remaining sober.

Another great gift can be supporting other people in recovery. With that in mind, Lakeview Health would like to invite you to let everybody know how much you love your recovery. 

“Sharing experiences in recovery has long been a part of the 12-Step tradition,“ explains Ami Brantley, Recovery Coach at Lakeview Health. “Everyone in recovery has an incredible story to tell, and we want to encourage people to share their courageous journeys to sobriety.”

So what is your recovery message for Valentine’s Day?

Download the recovery heart, or craft your own, fill it in with words and pictures (or whatever) of all the things you love about your recovery, and then share it on social media using #LoveYourRecovery. Selfies welcome!
Or just tweet us at @lakeviewhealth. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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