Major Risks of Using Illicit Substances

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Major Risks of Using Illicit Substances

By Lakeview Health
Lakeview Health
Published: November 30, 2020

Whether you are thinking about trying an illicit substance or already a regular user, you have likely heard that drugs cause many difficulties for the user and those associated with them. Just how much of a risk is there when someone uses an illicit drug? Here are some points to read over to help you understand the possibilities of destruction that could happen to you if you happen to use an illicit drug. However, it’s also important to understand how a drug rehab program can help you turn your life around. 

Life As You Knew It Changes

When illicit substances come into play, someone’s life changes dramatically. They tend to perform actions to hide their drug usage in an attempt to keep others from causing them difficulties because of it. They also have trouble with normal activities, such as going to work or school. This could lead to the loss of a job, expulsion from classes, and relationship difficulties. 

Your Health Deteriorates

Illicit drug usage causes many problems in the body. People who use illicit drugs are often dehydrated and do not eat properly. Because of this lack of nutrition, the body deteriorates at a quick rate. Health difficulties tend to increase the longer someone uses a drug and when it is used frequently. You may find you suffer from pain and discomfort after drug usage. If you do not seek treatment from a physician for health difficulties as a result of drug usage, your body may suffer even further. In addition to physical troubles, you may also suffer from mental issues such as depression and anxiety.

A Loss Of Friends And Family

When someone uses an illicit substance, they often have trouble with relationships with others. Their family members no longer wish to associate with them, and previous friends who are not into using drugs themselves make excuses not to spend time with a drug user. This causes anxiety and depression for those who no longer have a support system of people they care for in their lives. Your friends may change. People who use illicit drugs often spend time with others that do the same.

Drug Use May Escalate

When you use an illicit substance, the need to feel high changes when the drug is used often. You might want to try another substance to see if the high you experience is more intense. This could lead to further health issues and difficulties in your life.

Money Becomes An Issue

As you purchase illicit substances, the need to keep on top of the money supply to keep up with drug use is always in play. If you do not attend your job on a regular basis, you might not have enough money available to obtain the illicit drugs you desire. When this happens, people usually turn to others to obtain money needed. If people do not supply them with money for drugs, they usually go to more extreme routes to get it. This includes selling items you wish you could keep or stealing money from others. When this happens, it is a true sign that treatment is needed for illicit drug usage.

If you are in need of treatment for illicit drug use, Lakeview Health is there to help. We provide gender-responsive programs where genders are separated as a means of substance abuse treatment. Some of our services include:

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