Self-Regulating Your Hydrocodone Detox Can Be Hazardous To Your Health

Self-Regulating Your Hydrocodone Detox Can Be Hazardous To Your Health

By Lakeview Health
Lakeview Health
Published: July 21, 2016

If you’ve gone through your addiction alone, it can be tempting to try detoxing on your own as well. Self-regulating detox for any addictive substance can be dangerous though, especially if you’re addicted to something like hydrocodone. While the withdrawal symptoms you’ll experience during hydrocodone detox may not be life-threatening, they are extremely uncomfortable and could easily lead you down the road to relapsing. Entering a drug detox center is going to be healthier and more helpful to you than attempting the process on your own.

Withdrawal Symptoms That Can Arise During Hydrocodone Detox

People going through hydrocodone detox will experience a variety of different withdrawal symptoms that range in severity. These symptoms may not seem difficult to manage at first. In the first 24 hours, those going through detoxing will experience withdrawal symptoms like anxiety, muscle aches, insomnia, and sweating. As time goes on, however, those symptoms can develop into more severe ones, such as:

  • Cramping
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting

When you’re aware that the withdrawal symptoms are the reason you’re feeling terrible, it can be easy to turn back to drug use. If you’re going through detox alone, using again might seem like the easiest option. At the same time, it might even be tempting to turn to a cheaper opiate if hydrocodone is too expensive.

How Medically Monitored Hydrocodone Detox Can Help You

Through an opioid detox program, you’ll constantly be around medical professionals who can help you deal with withdrawal. As you go through the program, you’ll speak with doctors and staff on a regular basis to ensure that treatment is going well. If withdrawal symptoms become too severe, doctors can prescribe you medications that will help curb the worst of it. These medications can also be used to stabilize your mood if that’s needed. At Lakeview Health, detoxing is about more than stopping drug use. Our detoxing program is really just the starting point for sobriety. Through our medically monitored detoxing program, you’ll start to learn what caused your hydrocodone addiction and what you can do to start your rehabilitation. We’ll even start helping you with any psychiatric illnesses that you may have through our dual diagnosis treatment program if those symptoms arise during detoxing.

Don’t Self-Regulate Your Detoxing Process

Attempting to detox on your own can be risky. Not only could your solo attempt at sobriety lead you to relapse, but you could run the risk of getting addicted to an opiate that’s even more dangerous. Don’t stop your hydrocodone use alone. Reach out to Lakeview Health today at 866.704.7692 and let’s talk about how our detoxing program can help you start your path to sobriety.