Meth Addiction

Methamphetamine addiction is a disease that will deteriorate you overnight. Brian ‘Head’ Welch, ex-member of Korn, wrote a song called Flush depicting his struggle with crystal meth addiction. His beginning lyrics, “Look at my face, I’m all sucked up,” is an accurate description of what we refer to as meth head. In Head’s book depicting his drug addiction and recovery, he reports that his life was consumed with using meth and he neglected his career, daughter and friends. Comparisons have been drawn of meth addiction verses alcoholism with the conclusion that what you would lose in 30 years of alcoholism, you will lose in 6 months of using meth. Some of the physical and psychological issues are tooth decay, loss of weight, cardiovascular issues, chemical changes in the brain, paranoia, and anxiety. The physical appearance of someone who uses meth is alarming, as they look older than their chronological age. The number of meth lab incidents in the United States in 2010 was 11,239. These include meth related incidents, meth labs, dump sites, and chemical and paraphernalia confiscations. More recently, there have been commercial advertisements on television and radio for reporting local meth labs. The news reports that these type of advertisements work for decreasing meth labs due to the paranoia it strikes within the dealers, who are also users. No amount of education about consequences seems to deter addicts from using this drug. Meth seems to twist reality for the user both on and off this drug. More information about meth rehabs, how people get clean and stay sober from this drug may be a different approach to prevention.